Hair treatment in women and men

Лечение волос

Chemical peels lmao-Genesis BP3™ — exclusive hair formula for a natural vzroslenija beauty hair

Developer Lab ABG LAB USA

The company «Emet» is the exclusive Meso-Genesis BP3™ in Ukraine and CIS countries.

The history of creation

Indications for use:

nedubrovo hair loss
prevention of hair loss
treatment of disorders of the hair structure
dry scalp

The result:

restoring microcirculation of the scalp
elimination of micro inflammation
the revival of the structural state of the skin of the scalp and the hair follicle
the termination of premature hair loss
activation of new hair growth in areas of thinning and loss in men and women
visible increase in hair density.
restoration of the normal structure of the scalp
increasing the thickness of Voloshina

The concept of drug / mechanism of action

Unikalnost drug

Main components:

I. Wharton»s Jelly Peptide P199™ — a synthetic analogue of embryonic peptide human
II. Hexapeptide 17
III. Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3
IV. Biochanin-
V. Acetyl-Tetrapeptide-2

Form of delivery:

The drug comes in a package of 10 disposable sterile ampoules made of dark glass with a capacity of 5.0 ml with visco-elastic solution «Meso-Genesis BP3» and the extractable volume of 5.0 ml.