Laser resurfacing (removal) of stretch marks, scars, scars

DELETION OF STRETCHES, RUBTS AND SCRAMES by the two most popular methods in the world

On devices Venus Versa and Coolaser СО2 already in Kiev.

Farewell stretch marks on the chest Kim Kardashian! Removal of postnatal stretch marks on the chest by the method and equipment of Coolaser ™. EPIONE Clinic Beverly Hills.

Simon Orian from Beverly Hills — favorite cosmetician Kim Kardashian and Victoria Boni removes post-partum stretch marks on her belly using the method of laser device Coolaser СО2 ™.

Coolaser СО2™. Now this technique is available in Kiev at the clinic Dr. Dudikova.





Venus Versa with a nozzle Venus Viva 

— this is the newest device that allows you to solve the most popular tasks in cosmetology: It appreciably reduces scars, scars, stretch marks.

Aligns the relief of the skin Removes post acne Tightens the second chin for the first time without surgery is almost painless. Used interchangeable attachments.

Fractional reduction of stretch marks  Venus Versa

Diamond polar Venus Freeze

Laser scar removal is a non-invasive solution that uses fractional laser radiation pulses to create tiny columns inside scarred tissue that extend deep into the skin, without cutting off the top layer of the skin. This triggers a wound healing process that promotes the healthy growth of new young tissues, which in turn significantly reduces the amount of former scar tissue.

If the scar is large, then it is possible to surgically excise it, with further laser polishing of a new, younger scar after excision of the old scar.

What are the advantages of Venus Versa when removing scars?

-Radically improves the appearance of scars

-The painlessness. Anesthesia is usually not required (little or no pain during the procedure)

— Excludes the risk of infection

-Minimally invasive procedure

-Very short time of recovery and rehabilitation

Very important advantage is the minimum period of rehabilitation after the procedure (up to one day)

Quick struggle with stretch marks and scars with minimal loss of time

Venus Versa with a Venus Viva- nozzle is the newest device that allows you to solve the most demanded tasks in cosmetology: Visibly reduces scars, scars, stretch marks. Aligns the skin relief Removes the post acne Tightens the second chin without surgical intervention almost painlessly.

The youth of the face and body and the rapid disposal of stretch marks: in our days the technique with the shortest period of rehabilitation will help you achieve this cherished goal!

Venus Versa will help you with this, with one difference from other laser techniques — COMFORT AND ILLNESS.