Laser liposuction (lipolysis)



Say goodbye to excess weight and cellulite!
Choose the two best methods in the world.

The two best in the world apparatus, two champions: Venus Versa и BTL Vanquish.

Diamond polar Venus Freeze

I. Diamond polar (Venus Freeze)

In the new version Venus Versa

World Leader of hardware correction of the body with the possibility of accurate

Selection of processing zones. The skin firming and body shape adjustment on the Venus Freeze is recognized as the most fashionable trend in Hollywood.


The long-term effect of non-surgical lifting (lifting) of the abdominal skin on the Venus apparatus

Visible changes in the treatment of cellulite.


Before & After Photos

Длительный эффект безоперационной подтяжки (лифтинга) кожи живота на аппарате Venus

Long-term effect of non-surgical lifting (lifting) of the abdominal skin on the apparatus Venus

When repeating the procedures, we achieve a stable progressive improvement of the skin

Безоперационная липосакция

Безоперационная липосакция


How does it work Venus versa

Как работает Venus versa

Multipolar RF technology is safe and convenient, energy is delivered evenly, and at different depths of tissue.

  • No burns
  • Absence of discomfort
  • Accelerated achievement of therapeutic temperature
  • Convenience of maintaining therapeutic temperature on a large area of the skin during treatment procedures
  • Uniform heat distribution between 8 external and 4 internal electrodes for remodeling and collagen synthesis

Venus Freeze


II. BTL Vanquish

Лучший в мире аппарат по коррекции фигуры с большой площадью воздействия BTL Vanquish

The world’s best figure correction machine with a large area of impact BTL Vanquish

BTL Vanquish ™ is the only non-contact device in the world with a large coverage area. Guarantees the highest efficiency with comfortable, painless and safe treatment. The patented BTL Vanquish ™ technology makes it possible to reduce the volume of problem areas by destroying fat cells with the minimum number of procedures in the shortest time.

Who is recommended for the procedure?

BTL Vanquish procedures are only for healthy patients who need to reduce body fat in problem areas of the body when exercise and diets did not help. This is exactly the case when rapid aesthetic improvement is necessary without time costs for rehabilitation after surgery.

It is extremely important that patients have only realistic expectations, and that only ideal candidates are selected for this procedure. The ideal candidate is an individual with subcutaneous fat on the abdomen and sides, understanding the nature of the procedure and does not have any significant medical problems.


How many procedures need to be done?

It is recommended from 4 to 6 procedures for several weeks. The interval between the procedures is from 7 to 10 days. As a rule, patients inform the doctor about the results achieved.

What results are to be expected?

Results can not be the same in all patients. It depends on many factors. Changing the circumference and volume of the problem area, as well as reducing cellulite is the most common result of treatment. In the processing areas, a tightening of the skin is observed. To increase the visible results, it is recommended to use additionally moderate exercise, a healthy diet and an increase in daily water intake.

Безоперационная липосакция

Безоперационная липосакция

Безоперационная липосакция

Безоперационная липосакция

Vanquish works under the skin where the heating of deep tissues causes apoptosis (the natural death of fat cells), without harm to the skin, internal organs or muscles. It achieves optimal results with unsurpassed patient safety. Treatment occurs with predictable clinical efficacy.

Unlike surgical liposuction and in contrast to cryolipolysis (freezing fat), Vanquish procedures are completely non-contact. You feel only a slight sensation of warmth from the panel above your skin. Vanquish works under the surface, using high-frequency waves that target fat cells without harming the skin, muscles or internal organs. Fat fat cells are heated to a temperature that permanently destroys them, after which the dead cells are removed from the body in a natural way. An obligatory condition for the success of the procedure is a profuse drink the day before the procedure and two days after.

To achieve maximum effect, four procedures of 45 minutes are recommended.