Sunken temple

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The correction of sunken temple is to fill the filler of the depression near the temple.

Over the years, our skin loses moisture and elasticity. Natural fat packages person moves down due to gravitational forces. Especially noticeable indents the skin of his temple at strong weight loss.

It becomes visually noticeable problem, which contributes to drooping of the tip of the eyebrow down. Becomes a pronounced relief of the skull. The face looks haggard, tired, parched.

Used products for contouring are selected based on the depth of the depressions will be his temple.

Sunken temple is adjusted such preparations as Juvederm Ultra 3 and Juvederm Ultra 4 and Radiasse

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Depending on the severity of the depressions may be required from 1.0 to 2.0 ml.

Eventually get filled with temporal depression. Filling the temporal fossa bole gives the face a youthful and fresh appearance, hides the shape of the skull, reminiscent of old age and death. Often filling in sunken temple helps to lift the tip of the eyebrow.

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