To raise the lip corners (Smile Mona Lisa)

Улыбка Мона Лизы

«Smile Mona Lisa» — to raise the drooping corners of her mouth

Everyone agrees that the Mona Lisa admired by many generations. This picture has its personal legend. Great writers and lucid critics initially doubted her beauty defeat. We are dealing with the mystery of human creativity, and this, of course. The Mona Lisa is probably the crown of creation of painting and she admits she is the perfect woman and the perfect work of art. It continues to evoke awe and even hatred; when someone wants to make a scandal, to cancel the accepted rule of beauty, he attacked personally the Mona Lisa. She still receives the love and becomes the victim of an assassination attempt. Why?

We know that for several hundreds of years scientists and philosophers trying to understand the mystery of the magical smile of the Mona Lisa. What is the secret of this smile? The issue has still not been revealed.

Still it has been observed that the uniqueness and mystery of the portrait of the Mona Lisa gives the corners of his mouth upward.

Результат процедуры "Улыбка Мона Лизы". Приподнятые уголки рта придают лицу приветливость и позитивность.

The result of the procedure «Smile Mona Lisa». The raised corners of the mouth give the face a friendliness and positivity.

It is generally accepted that due to the raised corners of the lips, the face is nice and smiling, even when people are not smiling.

Goal correction: the corners of the lips are raised. A person loses a sad, unhappy look. Sometimes the drooping corners of the mouth called «grief Corners» or «corner of grief»

Correction corners of the mouth is considered as a separate correction procedure and a part in the correction of contour and volume of lips. Also recommended this procedure in combination with the correction of «Marionette» wrinkles.

Иногда опущенные уголки рта называют "Уголки скорби " или "Уголки печали". Избавиться от них помогает процедура "Улыбка Мона Лизы".

Sometimes the drooping corners of the mouth called «grief Corners» or «corner of grief». To get rid of them helps procedure «Smile Mona Lisa».

In our clinic for the correction of the corners of the lips are used dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Radius and Teosyal. Usually it may take from 0.2 to 0.5 ml of the drug. Benefit from lifting the corners of the mouth, which gives the person friendliness and freshness. The face looks kinder and more positive.

Presumably the effect of the procedure lasts from 8 months to a year and a half.

Улыбка Мона Лизы

Улыбка Мона Лизы