To remove dark circles under eyes

Темные круги под глазами

Темные круги под глазами

To remove dark circles under eyes


deletion or significant reduction of dark circles under eyes

Usually dark circles under the eyes is called the syndrome of «tired face»

A characteristic feature of the zone under the eyes:

The possible presence of endocrine and vascular diseases. The possibility of having diseases of the kidneys and other internal organs. Identifying the causes of dark circles under the eyes can help from the occurrence of relapse after the procedure. It is recommended to pay attention to possible diseases and try to cure them.

The main contraindication for the procedure are herniated lower eyelid.

Use fillers low or medium density Juvederm, Teosial.

Depending on the size of the circles under the eyes may require from 0.5 to 1.0 ml of the drug.

The result:

A fresh look and rejuvenated face relaxed.

This treatment is recommended to combine with hardware techniques eliminate dark circles under the eyes.