Skin rejuvenation décolleté

The correction is to completely remove or significantly reduce

  • horizontal and circular wrinkles of the décolleté
  • vertical wrinkles and folds and cleavage

The characteristics of the zone:

In this region, in the area of the neck skin in women statistics is exposed to increased solar radiation and high loads due to the severity of the chest. So the skin in this area can be corrected only in the case the integrated use of various techniques.

increase the elasticity and moisture biorevitalization
elimination of pigmentation peels
filling folds — contour
the lifting (tightening) of the skin — hardware techniques and laser treatment

Пластика зоны декольте

In contouring:

For the correction of the décolleté is often used fillers such as Juvederm or Teosyal. The amount of drug used depends on the area of location of the wrinkles. On average, suggest to rely on the procedure, using 1.0 to 2.0 ml of filler.