Correction (lifting) of the oval of the face

Овал лица

The aim of the correction:

to reduce the «sagging» of facial contours
to reduce the manifestation of «flews»
Hollow and flabby cheeks can make anyone look older, as the face sags. Over time, gravity and fat packs face down. Sagging skin on the cheeks sometimes called the offensive word «Bulldog cheeks» .

A well-known fact that second chins sagging usually is accompanied by sagging of the cheeks and loss of form, oval of face. It makes us look older and less attractive.

Возрастное гравитационное опущение жировых пакетов лица вниз

Возрастное гравитационное опущение жировых пакетов лица вниз

Бульдожьи щеки

There are several radically different ways to get rid from the wrinkles and cheeks:

Surgery, laser face lift, injections of dermal fillers or Botox injections. What to choose? You Choose. On this page we will cover the use of injection for a facelift (lifting) of sagging of the cheeks to restore facial contours.

Each case of correction of an oval face is considered individually. The decision on the choice of the drug is taken by the doctor after the consultation, depending on your medical history.

In our clinic, recommended the use of such fillers as Radius, Teosyal and Juvederm Ultra. In some instances, Botox injections.

Овал лица

Question: At what age to start using Botox and fillers?

Answer: If you start the regimen at an earlier age, it is likely that there is a big chance to minimize and delay the occurrence of unwanted wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck.

Question: Is the program correct the shape of the face Botox is applicable for men?
Answer: Of Course. YES. Not only women and girls, and men can have a chance to get the program changes the shape of the face and look younger .

Овал лица