Correction parotid folds

The correction remove or minimize the creases and wrinkles located in the area of the ear. The parotid very fine lines that reveal our age and give the face seen from the side, not fresh and young, wrinkled appearance.

Vertical and diagonal lines, located in front of the tragus of the ear are subject to correction by fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

Feature areas:

Околоушные складки

Околоушные складки

Parotid folds usually most often seen in people aged 35-45 years.

Often people with unstable sleep sleeping on side on hard and not comfortable pillow.

It is recommended to start the correction as soon as possible to prevent deep creases of the skin. Already at mild wrinkles you need to start to make the correction.

Used fillers (fillers):

In the parotid area usually using drugs of medium density.

For example: Juvederm Ultra 3, Surgiderm 24 XP

Depending on the depth and density of wrinkles, may require 0.2 — 0.5 on two sides.

The result :

The facial skin is tightened, becomes youthful appearance.