Correction of the shape of the lips

What is the correction of the lips?

Объем верхней и нижней губы

Some people are just born with thin lips. Others are concerned about irregularity and asymmetry of the lips. Sometimes the lips are not proportional with respect to the entire face . Of course there is the opportunity to try to resolve these issues with the lips using a pencil eyeliner, lipstick and other makeup tricks, but it’s not for long. If you want to have a full, luscious and sensual lips for a long time, injections for lips can be a solution to this problem.

Injections for lips is exactly what you need. Fillers, or so-called Fillers Juvederm, Teosyal or Radius will give your lips the desired look, shape, and volume.

What does the correction of the lips?

Depending on the type of the filler used and the quantity injected into your lips, you can get a number of advantages:

  • Increase lip volume.
  • Correction of asymmetry.
  • Restore-definition of the border between the lip and adjacent skin.
  • Smoothing fine lines and around the lips.
  • Correction of the shape of the lips.


Объем верхней и нижней губы

How are the injections in the lips?

First , you will get advice from a professional physician-injectionsystem that will help you to decide what kind of detective is the recommended for your lips. How much it makes sense to change the contour and volume of your lips to get a long-lasting effect and satisfy all your requests on the appearance of the lips.

Once the goal is defined, the procedure begins with local anesthesia to alleviate discomfort caused by the needle. In our clinic we use a small syringe with a fine needle. The selected filler is injected in several areas of your lips. Depending on the task, this might involve injection in the upper, lower, or both lips. The same would probably be held injections around the edges of your lips.

The result and the difference you will see immediately. After injection how long you get rich, full as a baby’s lips. In addition, you will receive care instructions. For example you need to be prepared for the fact that your lips do not like very high temperatures, such as in a sauna or while drinking very hot drinks. The entire procedure takes only about 30 minutes, after which you can proceed day to day Affairs.


How is the recovery after lip injections?

Because lips contain very many blood vessels, they are very prone to swelling. Directly after the injection, your lips will be increased due to the micro injury needle. Attention!!! ALLOWED the emergence of small bruises on my lips from the sheer number of blood vessels in the lips.

To minimize swelling you can apply ice packs at 20-minute intervals throughout the day. It is recommended to sleep at night with my head with lots of pillows. The next morning, your lips can be even more swollen than the day before, It’s predictable and normal. It’s just part of the healing process. Within three days the swelling will start to decrease, and finally disappear about three days after lip enhancement.

Frequently asked questions:

When will I see results?

Now! Your lips will be puffy and voluminous, immediately after the procedure correction. There may be little swelling, but to see the final results you will be able in a few days.

Can I use more than one syringe of filler ?
Yes. You can wait until the end of the procedure for the introduction of one detective and look at the result. If you like, but you want brighter, then perhaps it makes sense to enhance the effect of the introduction of the secondary filer. The main condition is to consult a doctor.


How long do the results of lip injections last?
It depends on the product introduced. For soft tissue filler that has hyaluronic acid, like Juvéderm®, life expectancy ranges from six months to one year. However, you can get repeat injections sooner if you prefer.

Painful is the procedure for lip augmentation?
Different people have different pain thresholds. You need to know and be prepared for the fact that this procedure is not painless. You will feel some discomfort during the procedure, because the lips are extremely sensitive. An analgesic substance is applied to the areas to be treated with injections. Typically use a cream with lidocaine or lidocaine plus prilocaine. The cream is applied and covered with a thin edible film. Directly before injection,

How to prepare for injection of the lips?
Within one week before the procedure, avoid aspirin, Smoking and alcohol. This will help reduce swelling and chance of bruising. In the case of a bruise, it is allowed to cover it with makeup or lipstick.

Are there any risks with injections of the lips?
The type of lip injection, made by you, and will determine the likelihood and type of complications. Hyaluronic acid is a member-based tracker, such as JUVÉDERM® carries minimal risk because the filer has a us FDA certification. He was a serious laboratory testing. The only thing that can occur is asymmetries, corrected with additional injections. You also need to fear of infection and scarring in case the procedure is inexperienced or is not a Board certified physician in improper conditions.

Attention! Don’t trust your face questionable cosmetologists and nurses. Only a doctor with higher medical education has the right under the law of Ukraine carry out the injection in the lips and face.

What are the possible side effects of injections for lips?

The most common side effects include swelling, bruising, and some discomfort. They usually last only a few days, and in most cases disappear within a week. Other less common side effects occasionally include severe itching, redness and large tumors. This is usually a sign of an allergic reaction to the filler.

Can men get injections for lips?
Of course YES! Both men and women have the ability to correct the shape of the lips. A good candidate is someone who has thin or asymmetrical lips.