Nasolacrimal groove

Correction of nasolacrimal furrow

The youthful quality of the skin and the condition of the tissues around the eyes allows them to recover quickly enough. Even after a short rest in the shortest time disappear arisen from the lack of sleep circles under the eyes. With age (usually after 30-35 years old, sometimes younger) metabolic processes in many tissues slow down, which negatively affects the increase of the recovery period.

Носослезная борозда

The skin begins to lose its elasticity, is offset from the «fat packs» of the person, weakens muscle tone and ligaments. It may be a problem painting the bags under the eyes, which are even more sharply highlighted at the expense of estancias skin and a widening of nasolacrimal furrow. Often this problem is aggravated and dark circles under the eyes, and sometimes even pigmentation areas.

What is the nasolacrimal groove? It’s groove (deepening), originating at the inner corner of the eyes, then continued diagonally on the cheek. The final part is the name of Bucco-zygomatic, based on the surrounding anatomic areas.

Sharp boundary, runs in the infraorbital area gives the face a tired, haggard appearance and a visual can add a few years. That is why the correction of the lacrimal groove is so important in overall facial rejuvenation.

By far the most effective methods to solve this problem is plastic surgery, lipolifting and contouring.

Not every client with this problem, especially when it is moderate, willing to ask for help to a plastic surgeon. Someone confused the fact of the operation, other possible side effects.

The result of the introduction of hyaluronic acid is comparable with the effect of lipolifting in duration, but has much less prerequisites for complications of any kind.

This method of correction was used in cosmetology relatively recently, but immediately gained popularity due to relatively rapid, pronounced and long lasting effect. Modern fillers (gels) medium and low density allows a perfect correction of the lacrimal groove. The advantage is the fact that many of them are anesthetics, which improves quality perception of the procedure.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

The indication for the procedure is the presence of moderate and pronounced lacrimal groove.

A contraindication for this zone are:

pasty lower eyelids;
the tendency to swelling;
pronounced swelling of the lower eyelids or to the entire periorbital area;
herniation of the lower eyelids;
expressed painting bags;
inflammation in the correction area;
presence in the market permanent implants.
You should also not combine your treatment with antibiotics and aspirin.
The advantages of the procedure

Correction of nasolacrimal furrow with fillers completely safe.

Upon reaching an undesirable result for the customer drug can be completely removed from the body.

The result of the procedure

The effect is noticeable immediately after injection. In the future it will only get worse. After the introduction of the filler:

improves the skin tone in the correction area;
filled with severe depression in the infraorbital area;
significantly reduced the severity of blue under the eyes;
nasolacrimal groove ceases to be so pronounced, with the result that the person feels rested and fresh;
even after the expiry of the drug market is in much better condition than before the procedure.
The drug for injection and the volume required is selected for each client individually. For a free consultation also addressed the question of the necessity of the second stage of the procedure that is usually carried out in 2-3 weeks.