Correction of wrinkles on the earlobe

Морщины мочки уха

The correction:

to remove or minimize the creases and wrinkles located at the bottom of the ear lobe
to pull and to narrow the hole for wearing earrings
to adjust the stretch and deformation of the hole
to restore the volume to the ear lobe
Characteristic :

The earlobe is the minimum area with a very important aesthetic value.

Wrinkles and stretched earlobe hole for earrings can be a source of negative attention, even with a youthful face and taut neck.

Use drugs:

For the correction of wrinkles of the ear lobe and holes from earrings, it is recommended to apply the preparations for contour plastics of medium density, such as Juvederm Ultra 3. Less Juvederm Ultra 4

The amount of drug used:

Depending on the size of the zone and depth of the folds, and the magnitude stretched holes on average, may take 1.0 — 2.0 ml of the drug.


Restore lost volume to the earlobe, removing the wrinkles on the lobe and a decrease in stretched holes to the size that can hold the earrings without sagging.