Mesotherapy face and body. This name is commonly used when talking about the way of injection delivery under the skin of the patient is necessary medicines or the so-called mesotherapeutic cocktails. After entering the body, the drug takes immediate action, which usually continues with increasing effect.

Mesotherapy of body and face in modern cosmetology is the most famous and proven method to improve lymph and krovoobrashseniya that is considered the basis of the principle of rejuvenation and the treatment of problem areas.

Using mesotherapy face and body is possible to achieve success in the fight against excess weight, cellulite, wrinkles and skin folds, scars, scars, stretch marks.

Depending on the formulation of the «cocktail» and the depth of the injection is easy to achieve predictable results.

For example in the fight against cellulite and excess weight, this method is convenient in that it provides a very precise delivery of active substances, for example in adipose tissue;

Therapeutic effect persists for a long time. The big advantage of mesotherapy is the principle: MESOTHERAPY — the result is visible immediately and permanently.

What are the injections called mesotherapy?

Generally mesotherapy is not just injections, and it is a special mechanism of the effect on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, immune and nervous system, which is achieved by the action of the needle on the nerve receptors and the direct action of pharmacological agents.

Only a doctor with a thorough knowledge of pharmacology and dermatology, the only high-class specialist with experience can understand the interaction between pharmaceutical components are mixed in the same syringe. Only high-class specialist can predict what will happen in the patient’s body after administration of the drug in one part of the body and what the consequences might be if introduction of the same drug in a different area of the body.

If mesotherapy is not dealing with a specialist, the medicines can be not just useless, but dangerous.