Remove wrinkles around the mouth

Synonyms puppet wrinkles are:

Марионеточные морщины

Wrinkles «sorrow» or wrinkles «sorrow», which are noticeable folds of skin going from the tips of the lips down to the chin. These folds give the face a tragic expression, and unhappy, resentful look. Because youth is associated with positivity and joy, the «Sad» puppet wrinkles add, not a few extra years to a person’s appearance.

As we age, we lose collagen and with it the elasticity of the skin. When skin elasticity is lost, we get sagging skin. The other side of the problem can be loss of facial fat, which is characteristic of the organism with the advent of aging. Although we tend to think all fat loss is good, but the fat that we lose on our face serves a useful purpose: its volume supports the skin and stretches it taut. Without it the skin sags like a deflated balloon.

As volume is lost in the upper part of the cheeks, the skin sags, forming nosogubnye folds (lines running from nose to mouth) and marionette lines.


To remove the puppet of wrinkles, using injections (fillers) such as Juvederm and Teosyal. They are intended to remove such wrinkles as nasolabial folds and marionette lines. While Botox is effective at defusing a hyperactive muscle in the upper half of the face to smooth wrinkled forehead and smoothing crow’s feet. Fillers work well on deep wrinkles, lifting their bottom. That’s why fillers are the best choice for smoothing out wrinkles of a puppet.

Марионеточные морщины

Side effects or complications are rare, although some of the most common of these are bruising, swelling and redness at the injection site. These effects are temporary and transitory.

The amount of the drug varies depending on the age of the dryness of the skin and depth of wrinkles.