Increase lip volume

Коррекция объема губ

Adding volume to the lips can give them a fuller, more sensual appearance and affects the whole aesthetics of the face.

Lip augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that creates fuller lips and young. Juicy plump lips are one of the symbols of femininity, so it is understandable that lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Wrinkles around the mouth can be smoothed, completeness, and volume of the lips can be increased, asymmetry can be adjusted to the correct and harmonious lips. During the first consultation, you can discuss with your doctor, your purpose, what you want to achieve after the lips, and taking into account your expectations, you can choose the type of cosmetic procedure. At the consultation you have the chance to see reference photos BEFORE and AFTER lip augmentation.

Before treatment, similar to dental surgery, we anestezirutmi the mouth area. we use filler (filler) Juvederm manufacturing concern Allergan USA. The effect of the filler lasts 8-14 months.


Satisfaction is the Result of lip augmentation

The results of lip augmentation are immediately visible, the lips become more juicy and wrinkles around the mouth are smoothed. After the procedure your face will look younger, and your appearance will be more feminine and sensual.

Indications for correction of lip volume

Коррекция объема губ

Correction of lip volume is recommended if the patient has a desire:

  • remove wrinkles on lips
  • to get a perfectly defined lip contour characteristic of the youth;
  • to increase the volume and add juiciness of lips;
  • to correct age-related changes and erasing the lip contour;;
  • lifting the corners (smile of the Madonna);
  • to moisturize and refresh lips;
  • to prevent the formation of the «purse-string wrinkles» (vertical folds of the upper lip).
  • correction of the asymmetrical lip