Contouring cheekbones

Exactly planted high cheekbones face closer to the classical canons of beauty. Sculptural features speaks of youth and the perfection of the forms. wants to have a face full of youth and vitality. There is nothing that adds vitality to the face as protruding above the cheeks and cheekbones. High cheekbones are a universal sign of beauty for women and men. What about those who are not blessed with such an aesthetic advantage from birth?

There are several options: for example Kim Kardashian uses makeup skillfully.

Ким Кардашьян

Ким Кардашьян

Popular secular newspaper MAIL ONLINE reported in detail, as a famous TV presenter and actress Victoria Bonya got new cheekbones from Dr. Simon Oriana Beverly hills. Dr. Simon Ourian for presenter Victoria Boni performed the procedure for contouring the cheekbones. In addition, she received a lifting of the cheeks and strengthen the lines of the chin with fillers.

The publication even reported the price of the procedure: non-surgical contouring cheekbones in the area of Beverly hills, costs from $1900 to $4900 depending on the desired results and the amount of the filer.

Better than makeup? Of course YES! Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Simon Orian himself made a video about the procedure to your patient, Victoria Bonn. Contouring cheekbones were conducted by contouring the jaw and a lifting of the cheeks using dermal fillers.

Контурная пластика скул

Training: During time-lapse video begins with measurement doctor of parameters of the person. Pre-marking the change form is a white marker.

Using advanced aesthetic procedures Dr. Dudikova able to provide our patients with what they always wanted — honed face.

The correct and skillful procedure of contouring of the cheekbones can completely transform a person who has flat cheeks and outstanding cheekbones. If you have ever felt insecure because the plane of his cheeks, the doctor Dudikova can completely change the structure of your face. The result is a very natural form — which will lead to a harmonious improvement of facial features. This will give you the opportunity to feel much more confident.

Because over the years, our face is a significant decrease in Bucco-zygomatic area, the smooth line of the jaw, displacement of soft tissues towards the bottom. Such a change in the tissues is very old.

For getting rid of this problem are advised to use fillers based on hyaluronic acid high density: Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Ultra 4,

The result:

The skin on the face is smoothed, and cheekbones take a more pronounced look.Contouring of the zygomatic area is painless and does not bear the pain of the load, because the detective is based on hyaluronic acid does not accumulate in the body.

The result may last up to two years, during this time, the product gradually and evenly absorbed and excreted from the body.