Lip contouring

Контур губ


• create a lost and lost the clarity of the boundaries of the contour of the lips
• to restore age-related loss of freshness of the lips,
• to correct eventual unevenness and asymmetry of the mouth
• to prevent the possibility of a «purse-string wrinkles» (vertical lines above the upper and below lower lip)

The characteristics of the zone:

People with age become committed to bad habits, such as Smoking and an active facial expression when talking and food consumption and Petya.

As a rule the correction of the lip contour is parallel to and correction of the corners of the lips and remove wrinkles and purse-string wrinkles.

Контур губ

Recommended this procedure combined with the procedure for removal of «Chinese» wrinkles on the chin. During the procedure, add more lip volume, contour correction is an initial step in this procedure.

In our clinic we use drugs Juvederm Ultra or Teosyal. The amount of the drug can vary from 0.3 to 0.6 ml per lip, depending on the patient’s skin and the desired result.

The result is a clear line of the contour of the lips, loss of wrinkles on the lips and fresh juicy lips. The effect lasts from 8 months to a year and a half.