Purse-string wrinkles

Purse-string wrinkles or wrinkles of a smoker


Кисетные морщины

Purse-string wrinkles

Reduction of fat under the skin in the aging process.

  • The repetitive action of the muscles around the mouth. Most often it is the active articulation and drink. (Think cocktails with a straw or drink from the bottle). Skin is always zalamyvayutsya in folds in the direction perpendicular to the underlying muscle fibers.
  • Smoking accelerates the appearance of wrinkles of a smoker due to two factors:
    — due to the facial movements of the lips, when inhaling cigarette
    and due to a direct detrimental effect on elastin and collagen. Also there is a destruction of enzymes that break down these building blocks (matrix metalloproteinases)

Кисетные морщины

Smoking can lead to irreversible formation of wrinkles on the lips and toxins found in cigarettes can weaken the muscles around the mouth . This contributes to the striations appearing on the epidermis in the wrinkles of a smoker, which later can be very difficult to remove the oil .

Laser skin resurfacing and photorejuvenation can serve as a non-invasive treatment in the first stage of the manifestation of wrinkles and act as an alternative to injections, fillers and Botox. Deep, long wrinkles of a smoker is not possible to smooth without the use of dermal fillers such as Juvederm.

For smoothing a thick purse-string wrinkles, sometimes called a «barcode» on the face, it is necessary to apply complex treatment .

Line of the smoker is very difficult to get rid of, especially when they are deep. As a rule, treatment requires several sessions, and a combination of different methods, such as injections of Botox in combination with filler.

Results can last up to 12 months.


Another option is a deep laser peeling (exfoliation) about the COOLASER technique of CO2 laser. Under this option, the skin «burn» in depth to the level of wrinkles. Then the skin shivsena and regenerates more smoothly.

You need to remember. that’s quite an aggressive treatment with a longer period of rehabilitation and the need to stay out of the sun for the period of healing of the skin.

The result of the correction

Wrinkles and folds around the lips disappear or decrease, which makes you younger and fresher.