Laser tattoo removal Kiev.


Laser tattoo removal Kiev.

An existing tattoo can lose its appeal the moment you enter this new phase of my life. Our doctors offer a solution:

  • laser tattoo removal, lost its relevance

  • laser removal of old, faded tattoos 
  • laser correction and lightening of tattoos 
  • correction of tattoosTattoo removal starts from the first session, usually resulting in a fading of the tattoo drawing. Sometimes this is enough in order to be able to produce the overlap of old tattoos new pattern. Complete removal of the old tattoo will require multiple sessions.

    Laser tattoo removal in Kiev

Tattoos are a popular form of expression. The tattoo might be highly artistic, professional decoration. But in order for the ink were constantly in your skin should be very powerful moral stimulus argument. Your intention and the decision should not be changed during the long years of your life. If your life or your taste has changed, it is very difficult, painful and very expensive to get rid of your past obligations and principles. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity. The emergence of lasers for tattoo removal reduced the emotional load and gave us a new chance.

The most advanced laser technology for tattoo removal

CE approval / certified FC and Q swithced ND YAG laser RL-IRM 

is a powerful dual-mode nanosecond Q-Switch laser with three different wavelengths in one system. These high pulses of intense laser radiation creates photoacoustics wave, which significantly lightens or completely remove pigments and tattoo particles without harming surrounding skin tissues. This is especially important for patients with darker skin tones because skin has a higher concentration of melanin (pigment). This pigment readily absorbs laser radiation with great risk of overheating of the skin and burn the dark-skinned or tanned patients. This energy wave destroys the ink molecules at such a high nano-second speed that they vibrate and are broken up into microscopic particles. These microscopic fragments are absorbed by the body and pass unnoticed through the body.

The benefits of working Q swithced nd yag laser RL-IRM for removing a tattoo and removal of tattoo or permanent makeup

Less pain, Shorter rehabilitation period.

It is possible that you will have some discomfort during the procedure to remove ink from skin (imagine for example, clicking a linen elastic band on the skin). Laser

RL-IRM produces palatinae effect where the surrounding skin is not burned. You will immediately see the «swelling» of the skin over the tattoo lines and lightening the filling of your tattoo without damaging the painted ink not tissue around. The pain subsides within a few hours, and no bleeding or burning and scabbing. Breaks between courses of treatment of 2.5 — 3 weeks. It is smaller than traditional lasers (4-8 weeks).

Less Procedures for tattoo removal.

Traditional lasers require from 6 to 15 treatments, depending on

ink density and color. Laser RL-IRM treats all ink colors (green is the hardest), using on average less than half the number of treatments than traditional lasers.

Only 3 to 5 treatments, depending on the richness and depth of the picture, to complete tattoo removal!


Side effects and their elimination.

In General, the laser RL-IRM is able to completely remove or nearly completely remove most colors of ink. Blue and black tattoos can be removed as if they never existed.


some very rare and complex cases in the process of removing a deep and rich tattoo laser can leave a bright «spot» in the place of the removed tattoo. Occasionally it happens that some parts of a color pigment are shown after complete removal. Most often this happens with green. This means that there is a small amount of ink that cannot be removed in this way in a short time. When a large amount of ink may come a time when the skin no longer responds to laser pulses of nano-second speed. In this case there are two options. The first is to make a break in treatment for several months, and the second is to use the services of a Pico second laser.

The principle of operation of the Q swithced nd yag laser RL-IR for removal of dark blue and colored tattoo

Powerful laser energy Q — switched ND — YAG lightly blue, black and coloured melanin.

The melanin in further fragmented and crushed into very fine particles that are easily absorbed by the lymphatic system and excreted from the body naturally. Thus the tattoo or other pigmentations removed without damage to the skin with no burns, no wounds, no scars, no scars.

Q swithced nd yag laser RL-IR is suitable for the standard skin of the European type (1st, 2nd, 3rd the skin phototype according to Fitzpatrick).

The treatment is safe and comfortable, is without side effects.



Q swithced nd yag laser technical parameters:

the laser wavelength: 1064nm/532nm/1320nm

laser power: 500 W

pulse energy: up to~ 2000mJ

pulse duration: 10ns

Tattoo removal and pricing

Price for the procedure of tattoo removal is determined during a free consultation by measuring the size of your tattoo. The cost for 100 pulses is about 500 UAH. Your doctor may offer a more lucrative package based on the number of sessions required to eliminate a tattoo that takes into account such nuances as the skin tone, ink color, density of the tattoo, age of tattoo etc.). Predpolozhitelno estimating the number of treatments for tattoo removal, you need to pay attention to the fact that you may need additional treatment associated with improvement of the immune and lymphatic system.

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